Driving and Vaping – How Good of An Idea Is It

From the time e-cigarettes were introduced, they have become the most opted way of vaping. It has become quite popular in the world of smokers as they can easily vape even nicotine liquid in these vaping unit. When compared to smoking, vaping is an ideal way of enjoying smoking without causing major damage to the lungs.

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Vaping and Driving 

No law restricts you from driving after vaping the liquid of your choice. However, this doesn’t mean that you go with the idea of driving while vaping, as the law-abiders think that it might distract you from focusing on the road. The thick smoke can cloud your view from the road resulting in road accidents, especially when the windows are rolled up.

If you have children in the car, then vaping while driving is strictly forbidden. If you are caught while driving and vaping with children passengers in your car, then you will be fined $100 or more for breaking the traffic rule.

Most of the states have come up with traffic rules stating that no electronic device should be used while driving, be it a mobile phone or a vaping unit. If you are caught while doing both, then you will not only lose your license but will also be fined an amount of $2500.

Reckless and Careless Driving while Using E-Cigs 

E-cigarettes have a way of clouding the atmosphere around you, especially when you are driving with your windows rolled up. You will not only be blocking your view but will also be endangering the life of your fellow passengers and the others driving along the same road. Sometimes, vaping and reckless driving in the form of excessive speeding can result in causing dangerous accidents as well.

Vaping Nicotine 

Nicotine in high level of dosage can offer a euphoric effect on users. Driving and vaping the liquids of nicotine in high dosage can cause the drivers to feel a sense of light-headedness and dizziness. This normally results in causing both kinds of minor or major accidents.

Vaping e-cigs can make the driver get his one hand off of the steering wheel while taking a puff. The driving rules suggest a driver keep both his hands on the steering wheel while driving and taking a handoff of the wheel can result in serious accidents, especially by the rookie drivers.

Vaping while driving is a serious crime, especially when you have a cartridge with the flavors of liquids, which can cause a euphoric effect in the vapers. The best way of avoiding getting into any kind of trouble with the traffic law abiders is by staying off of the e-cigarettes while driving.