How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, TikTok (and 100s more)

Music has been an indispensable facet of human life since time immemorial. Humans, even when uncivilised, used to play and listen to music for recreation and to have fun. however, the way we approach music has changed a lot and there is a lot of genre of music that has evolved with time.

With the evolution of the music industry, many new independent artists are aspiring to establish their feet in the industry but it is not an easy task. New artists would meet with a lot of difficulties in establishing themselves as a brand. Not only would they require a lot of financial backing, but they would also need a management team, and most importantly a huge audience.

All these things are lacking in new artists and that is why they face trouble in establishing themselves. The way we approach music today has changed a lot. Apps like amazon, google play, TINDAL, etc have taken the place of conventional CDs. Besides that, since the pandemic has shut down public performances, these apps have become the primary music source.

sell music on Apple Music and other leading platforms 

It becomes a very promising prospect to sell your music online on these apps but one thing which must be taken care of is the copyright. The ownership of the song must always belong to the creator and not the platform. The platforms like music streaming apps are required to pay royalties to the original right holders.

digital music distribution

distributing your music on these online platforms is easy said than done. There are many modalities to look into. The best thing that you can do is engage the services of a music distributor to get your music on Spotify, Tindal, Amazon, iTunes, apple music and other leading platforms.

One of the best and safest music distributors is MusicDigi. It allows the users to upload their music in easy steps. All that the artist has to do is to create a MusicDigi account and pay the annual membership fee. This fee has to be paid once a year and it is placed very low, keeping in mind, the budget of the individual artists.

After that, the artist has to upload the music and the cover art in the supported format. After this is done, you can be tension free and let the platform do the job. Not only would it get your music on TikTok, Spotify, Tindal, iTunes, amazon, apple music and on other leading platforms of the world, it will also ensure that the copyright and full ownership belongs to you.

This way, you will also generate revenue each time your music is accessed by someone across the globe.


Since the world is getting increasingly connected with the help of the internet, the best option for you as an independent artist is to sell your music on Amazon and other platforms like Spotify, Google Play, TINDAL, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. you should do this by engaging a music distributor who takes care of the copyright of your creation.