How Important Is It To Clean Area Rug?

You can damage your rug over time by foot traffic and loose dirt, liquid spills, animal droppings, children, and other miscellaneous items. You can even see the sun damage your rug.

We understand that your area rugs matter a lot to people.

Neglecting to maintain your rug can cause serious health problems, especially for seniors and children. They act as filters in your home, collecting germs, dirt pet dander, food particles, dust, and allergens.

What’s Possible?

  • It is a good idea to vacuum your rugs every week. This will prevent dirt and soil buildup. It will also help improve indoor air quality.
  • It is best to have an “off-shoes” policy in your home to maintain your oriental rugs. This is the best way to keep your oriental rugs clean. Shoes can collect dirt, allergens, and waste, so we recommend them.
  • Regular professional cleaning is the best method to preserve the beauty of your rugs. Your rugs will last longer if they are professionally cleaned.
  • Binding- This repair technique involves sewing a side of a rug if it is damaged or frayed.
  • Fringe Repair- Replacing damaged or discolored edges.
  • Pet Stains – Pet Urine stains can be among the most difficult to remove. The odor is easy to eliminate with the right cleaning. However, the stain can be difficult to remove due to many variables. The factors that influence the removal of the urine stain include the pH level of the urine, the fiber type, and the construction of the rug. Sometimes, permanent damage can be caused by the stain.
  • Area Rug Protector- A fiber protector is a layer of protection that you apply to your rug to give you a longer window to deal with spillage. Protected rugs are more likely to allow the soil to escape when vacuumed than non-protected ones. A professional application of protectors to newly cleaned rugs will guarantee the best results.

Rugs Are An Important Element Of Home Decor

Rugs bring warmth and coziness to your home, as well as add a personal touch. Take a look at these tips to help you use rugs in your apartment.

A Visual Pathway

Hallways are intended to be welcoming. Rugs can brighten up hallways and help you find your way to other rooms in an apartment. Rugs in different colors and patterns will allow you to break down space, especially micro-apartments. Rugs are also a great way to give your room a warm and cohesive feel.

Zoning an area

Are you a resident of a studio apartment? Do you think furniture used to create rooms is a waste of space? You should consider rugs for zoning out spaces. Rugs are great for creating coziness in apartments and can also absorb sound to create a calm atmosphere.

Add character to

Rugs can add character and personality to an apartment with neutral colors like white, black, or gray. You can brighten up a minimalistic interior with floor or wall rugs.

Add depth

Modern technology gives rugs today a 3-D appearance. These rugs bring depth to an interior and give it a contrasting look.

Rugs is an art

Custom logo rugs are used as decorative elements in interior design. The appearance and feel of a room can be completely transformed by covering its floors or walls with rugs.

Size is important

No matter what size rug you buy, ensure that it is the right one. An ideal rug for a living space fits under all the legs of furniture. You want to keep the look cohesive so avoid large or small rugs. Choose the size that corresponds with the dimensions of the space.