Types Of Printing Methods For Shopping Bags

While going out shopping, you may have come across many people carrying a few eye-catching printed shopping bags nowadays. You might like the trendy quote or stylish design. It even prompts people to search for the brands selling or giving away these bags. If you give away logo-printed shopping bags, they can become a great promotional tool for your business.

However, the use of printed bags is not limited to promoting business. You can commemorate any occasion by arranging small favors, treats, or gifts on custom printed bags. For example, you are celebrating the birthday of your child. You want to prepare return gifts for the child’s friends. You can pack it in a bag printed with the date of the occasion and a thank you message for attending the celebration party.

What Are The Benefits Of Printed Bags For Businesses?

There is no doubt that promotional tote bags can increase brand recognition, boost sales, and target sales lead. At the same time, you can pass on a special message or promote your brand taglines or vision. Custom Earth Promos, an eco-friendly brand based in Delray Beach, Florida, U.S., is known for its custom printed bags. You can order their custom reusable bags – backpack, messenger bags, grocery bags, wine bottle bags, and totes in bulk at wholesale price. They also sell high-quality masks, bottles, eco-friendly promotional items, seed paper products, and many more promotional products.

At present, many brands are taking a step in being eco-conscious. So, you can increase the habit of using more and more eco-friendly products through promotional items. It’s a blessing that the customers would have an alternative to plastic bags that would not harm our planet.

Different Ways Of Printing bags

  • Screen Printing

Screen printing is trendy and durable. It’s effective mostly on jute and cotton bags. The only disadvantage of this printing is that the limited color usage. You can screen print with few solid colors with ease.

The process includes putting the bag on the designed slab at first. Then, you have to align the bag and slab so that the print gets in the correct position. The slab would pass through the printing machine, and the printing process would be complete.

  • Ink-Jet Printing

Generally, you print numbers with this type of printing method. You can do this printing both manually and with the machine. When you are doing it by hand, you need a small hand-held tool with a number plate that you want to print. You have to press the tool on the bag for printing it.

On the other hand, the inkjet printing machine would need you to place the machine in the middle and feed the design. The bag passes beneath the machine as it prints the contents.

  • Ink color Printing

There is no extra process involved here. You can use more colors with some extra money on each color you pick. It might be a cost-effective method for mass production.

  • Transfer Printing

At first, you have to print the design on a special transfer paper. Then, use heat and pressure to detach the ink and bind it on the fabric by pressing it.

Lastly, you have to remember that not all printing method works on every material.