What Are The Various Types Of Body Piercings Available?

You have many options, as the ears are the most common area to be pierced. This is the best place to start for your first body piercing. There are very few steps and there are no complications. Expected pain level to get pierced


For good reason, studs are timeless. They are versatile and can be worn along with your outer ear cartilage as well as your lower lip. You can have them plain, patterned, or shaped. They may also include a charm, gem, or diamond attached to a small metal pin. This pushes through the pierced holes and is held in position by a small backing.


A hooped earring is a circular wire that is worn through the piercing. It’s usually located in the lower lobe. These earrings are also worn in the rook, helix, and daith areas. The tiny loop at one end of the hoop is connected to the hook on the opposite side.

This timeless piercing design has been popular for years. They are lightweight and available in many sizes. Hoops can be worn with any outfit, whether you are going out for dinner or just hanging around the house. The hoop can be made in any size you like, depending on your preference. The rounded shape of the hoop is great for long faces and long hair.


The lower lobe is where the pendant earrings are located. They add an extra touch of elegance to any outfit. A shepherd hook hangs from the piercing to attach the pendant. A few pendant earrings have a backing but it is not usually necessary. The hook wire is long enough to hold it in place until you want to remove it.

These pendant earrings are elegant and sleek, and they catch the eye. You can choose from simple designs, intricate patterns, or sparkling crystals.

It’s best not to wear dangling earrings (pendants or hoops) until your first piercing heals. After your first piercing, it’s best to keep wearing lightweight jewelry like studs.

Helix Piercings

The helix piercing is located in your upper cartilage. This is a great way to increase your edginess without being too obvious. There are many types of helix piercings.

  • Standard helix piercing: outer upper cartilage
  • Double helix piercing – two piercings at the same location
  • Triple Helix Piercing: Three piercings at the same spot
  • Forward helix: The part of your ear that touches your hairline and runs along your forehead

Tragus Helix Piercings

Your tragus, the inner piece of cartilage that sits above your earlobe, is what you call the tragus. The tragus Helix piercing can be found on the outer cartilage edge. This popular piercing looks great with studs and rings and pops when paired with other jewelry. Avoid piercings with metals or dangling jewelry in this area. Your earlobe can get in the way.

Nose Piercings

After the ear, the nose is the most common piercing location. The nostril is often pierced on either one side or the other.

The expected pain level to get pierced is moderate to high (more painful than the lower lobe).

Nose Rings

A nose ring is a small, hoop that you place on the outside of one nostril. A nose ring is a perfect choice for those with rebellious spirits that cannot be controlled. https://www.bodypiercejewelry.com  provides you with the best products.

Nose Pins

Nose pins date back to Biblical times and were considered a symbol of wealth and beauty. They are often worn today for fashion statements or cultural reasons. This elegant accessory often features a precious gemstone, such as a diamond. The nose pin is similar to an earring stud but has a longer hook that can be comfortably inserted through the nostril.

Nose Septums

The septum piercing is a device that is placed between your nostrils and the skin below your nose. It only penetrates your skin and not bone or cartilage. These piercings can be concealed, unlike other nose piercings. For example, people will not be able to see your piercings if you remove the jewelry.

These are not widely available in body piercing. The clicker features a straight rod with an attached hinge at the bottom and a latch on the side. People find septum clickers much easier than rings to insert and remove.

Fake Nose Septums

Are you not ready to plunge into a nose piercing? We have the perfect solution: a fake septum. You can have all the style and attitude associated with a nose septum, but without being pricked with a needle.